Mar 20, 2013
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I am a votary of truth and I must say what I feel and think at a given moment… without regard to what I may have said before on it.

— Gandhi

Dec 9, 2012
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Independence and Schools

Are we raising our kids to be independent? More importantly are the schools teaching its students to become independent? Sadly, the answer is no. I spent more than 16 years in educating myself, in India and USA as well, and there was never a day when I was encouraged to create something of my own, run my own business.

Back then Schools and Curriculum were started to support industrial revolution, to create educated labors in mass quantity, most of whom will eventually work on machines. They were not encouraged or trained to create anything by themselves. And since they were never taught how to run a business themselves, they’d learn to fill a position in a somebody else’s company. Not much has changed since. Children in school today are still taught to be highly paid employees or managers for a big company. They are not taught to be leader, they are taught to follow. Follow the most recent trend, or the current hot industry. Don’t trust me, look around and you’ll find a mechanical engineer coding for software shop.

In the end I guess it is our job to make our kids independent when they grow, schools will hardly help.

Jun 19, 2012
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Nobody succeed all the time. We don’t even need to succeed all the time. Few times is enough. Enough to take where you want to go. Enough to succeed. 

Everybody fail more than they succeed. Not just you, me, or Late Steve Jobs. So why care about not succeeding. Just keep walking, the Johnie Walker way, and celebrate whenever you succeed.

Jun 8, 2012
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I was born with no responsibilities. Other than feeding myself and having sex, just like my grand grand grand parents.

But you people created some for me, hoping that would make my life better. And Then I created some for me, hoping that would make my life better. Now I’m worrying more about making my life better, than actually living it. The same life where I’ll eventually die.

May 8, 2012
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Life’s more fun when uncertain

You plan and it works, it’s good, no surprise. You plan and it fails, it disappoints, leaves you sad.

You’re vulnerable. You don’t plan and it works, it excites, surprises. You don’t plan and it doesn’t work, no disappointment, no sad.

May 6, 2012
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I want to be different. I want to win. Winning often involves changing. Change brings resistance. Ignore resistance and I either win or fail. Obey resistance and nothing happens, I stay wherever I am. No win, No fail, I just become one of them.

Mar 29, 2012
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A blind man becomes the first person to drive Google’s Self-Driving Car. I’m waiting!

Google released the video to celebrate that it has safely completed 200,000 miles of computer-lead driving. Steve Mahan (a legally blind resident of California), took the driver seat for a special drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way.

Also take a note of this interesting comment from YouTube: no more DUIs


Dec 4, 2011
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Chinese parents can order their kids to get straight As. Western parents can only ask their kids to try their best.

— Amy Chua in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Nov 30, 2011
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Stick for a while

The world is changing fast enough, whatever’s new today will be old tomorrow. While I agree that change is often good and it is essential for a better future, I do feel that these changes are coming too fast and will make you feel dated (even if your last move was a month ago!)

Every new change, be it technology, fashion, government, automobile etc. comes with a value and have an expiry date. So when you make your choice, stick to it for a while, use it to the best before you move to another. Of course you will have reasons but resist the temptation. You don’t have to adopt to every change for just a little better.


  • If you bought a phone, laptop, or a tablet - stick for a while
  • If you bought a car - stick for a while
  • If you bought a pair of shoes - stick for a while
  • (Developers) If you liked and chose a framework - stick for a while
  • (Developers) If you redesigned your website - stick for a while
  • (Entrepreneurs) If you launched a start up - stick for a while
  • And if you are married - try to stick forever!

Confession: I was a happy iPhone4 owner and I didn’t need to buy the new 4S!

Oct 16, 2011
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We developers are ‘BORN BRAVE’. Check (and click to enlarge) this image to see exactly how!

We developers are ‘BORN BRAVE’. Check (and click to enlarge) this image to see exactly how!

Prashant Chaudhary
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